Sales Table - Militaria

The following militaria items are offered for sale:

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#m20 – A pair of leather securring tabs for the No.4 bayonet. Two variations, stitched and rivet.
Good condition

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#brx This jolly fellow, a souvenier of WWII. Following the Allied victory, production of souveniers ramped up in Belgium, aimed at service personnel who were soon to return to their homes overseas. This US Military Policeman was a cheerful reminder of the authoritieds needed to keep the lid on the shenanigans of servicemen who time and money to celebrate the end of the war, waiting for their ticket home.

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#m08 Sten machine carbine magazine loading tool. Blued overall and in excellent condition.

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#m15 – An original WWII British pull switch device to be used in conjunction with a trip wire for firing mines and booby traps. Complete and fully functional, with facsimile of the instruction pamphlet issued by the War Department in 1941.
Very good condition

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